Warm up with this savory Midwest chili

Nothing hits the spot quite like a warm bowl of chili. Whether it’s a football game day, a fall festival; or just a cozy night in with your loved ones, chili hits the spot. The warmth of the tomatoey broth combined with the beans and savory beef sliding down into your belly overflows you with the comfort of a delicious meal. Foods that trigger your senses make eating much more than just food put together to make a meal, it becomes an experience.

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Egg-cellent breakfast for dinner swap

It’s nights like tonight that make me miss the simple things like having dinner with my family. Moving to Nashville has made me realize how cherished those moments are to me. When I was growing up, my mom always made sure that dinner was a family event. Regardless of what she made, we were always seated around the table come dinner time. The table was the centerpiece for our nightly conversations. Each night we would go around and share something about our day, whether it was good, bad or in between; we would take that time to reconnect as a family. This nightly ritual is where so many of my fondest memories are surrounded. Rainy nights full of studying make me miss those simple moments, especially being so far from home. Continue reading

Swap ground beef for turkey to make a healthier burger

Enough of this sweet talk I’ve been doing lately; it is time to get savory. As much as I love blogging about sweets, I think it is high time I switch it up. Summer may be over, but fall is still the perfect time to crack open the grill, invite over your nearest and dearest and enjoy whipping up some delicious burgers. Nothing beats spending a Saturday night hanging out in the backyard, enjoying this glorious fall weather and savoring the wondrous smell of the grill as it billows out smoke in preparation for some mouth-watering burgers.

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Whip up this 5-minute dorm-room dinner

Now that fall is settling in and the ease of summer is wearing off, it feels as though life is beginning to move at full speed. Classes are moving at a mile-per-minute pace, and mid-terms are creeping up. At this point in the semester I am finding myself losing the adequate time to do normal human things, like sitting down to enjoy a real meal. The busier I get, the more I tend to gravitate toward the quick options, especially when it involves food. As assignments, quizzes and tests pile up, my desire to grab something fast increases and my desire to wait in line at the cafeteria decreases. It is in those moments that my innovative side tends to come to life.

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