Go bananas for these chocolate-covered banana bites

Let’s get a little bananas. Thanksgiving break is a close four weeks away, and everyone’s getting a little antsy. We’re on the downhill from midterms, but now the tension is mounting as the threat of finals draws near. No one likes being stressed out, especially with Thanksgiving break just around the corner! If you’re feeling a little stressed, maybe slightly on the verge of a mental breakdown, there is nothing better to wash those stresses away than chocolate-covered banana bites.

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Combine pumpkin and whipped topping for an epic fall dessert

I feel utterly inspired by the beauty of this weather that I can’t help but post another blog pertaining to a fun, fall treat! I have been trying my best not to give in to the pumpkin-related madness that seems to define fall, but the urge is just too strong. I’m throwing in the towel, my dear readers. I have given in to the pumpkin obsession and opened myself up to something that may just overpower my love for pumpkin pie. Insanity, I know! How could something trump the authenticity that is pumpkin pie? Well if you dare, keep reading and allow me to enlighten you on this life altering dessert!

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Chocolate Chex cereal makes for a fun twist to a fall favorite

Now that October is here, it seems as though baking sweets and treats is officially in full swing. My mind has been swirling with all the different, scrumptious treats I could whip up for y’all. I tend to be a bit indecisive, so I thought it would only be necessary to consult my mom for some inspiration. She reminded me of a gloomy, fall day back in elementary school, when my brother and I begged my mom to make us homemade Rice Krispies treats, but she was out of the cereal. Regardless, we insisted she make us something, anything! Luckily for us, our mom is quite the creative cook, so she decided to give in to our persistence and make due with what she had.

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Turn fresh picked apples into a delicious pie!

Well, my dear readers, although I have made it pretty evident that I am a Midwest girl, please excuse me if I misuse this Southern term, but happy fall, y’all! You have no idea how long I have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to say that! Considering yesterday was the first official day of fall, I felt it appropriate to dedicate this blog to my undeniable love for this gorgeous season. Everywhere you look it is evident that fall is creeping its way in and pushing summer out. Each day the morning air is beginning to have a crispness that sends a slight shiver down your spine as you walk out your door and head to class. The leaves on the trees are slowly loosing their glorious, green glow of summer and morphing into beautiful autumnal shades of orange, yellow and red. It’s a subtle change that seems to appear almost all at once. Next thing you know, the leaves are beginning to float down to the ground with each shift in the wind, and every step you take becomes audible with the crunch of crispy leaves. This inevitable transition of seasons cries out for numerous afternoons devoted to one thing: baking! Nothing is more superb for fall baking than apples! Continue reading

Try these three-ingredient no-bake cookies

Oh, cookies! The beloved baked good that often brings back so many memories from my childhood. They were the first thing I learned to bake with my mom, and one of my favorite things to bake still to this day. Chilly fall afternoons tended to be our baking times. I loved coming home from school, running into the kitchen and seeing my mom standing by the counter with all the ingredients lined up to make her famous chocolate chip cookies. At that moment, I would throw my backpack aside and run to the dining room and grab a chair to stand on in order to help. My favorite part was measuring out all the ingredients and then watching as the mixer combined everything into delicious, doughy goodness. I may or may not have sneaked some batter, from time to time, but that’s just between us! Continue reading