Gracing y’all with a new twist

Well it has been far too long since my last post, and I’d say I have some explaining to do. Here it goes. . .

I was originally assigned to keep up a blog for 10 weeks as a project for a media class I was in, but little did I know, I would discover a hidden passion along the way. While posting each week I realized that I was developing a love for disovering a delicious new meal to post about each week. My passion for food and writing being thrown into one element has been such an eye opening experience. I have learned that God has blessed me with a beautiful talent, and I want to continue persuing that and showcasing it through this blog. As much as I have enjoyed posting about food each week, I have decided to mix things up a bit. I want to use my blog to post about more than just food, I want to post about projects, passions, and any other beautiful things I come across in my journey through life. All I have to say is get ready for some new twists!



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