Egg-cellent breakfast for dinner swap

It’s nights like tonight that make me miss the simple things like having dinner with my family. Moving to Nashville has made me realize how cherished those moments are to me. When I was growing up, my mom always made sure that dinner was a family event. Regardless of what she made, we were always seated around the table come dinner time. The table was the centerpiece for our nightly conversations. Each night we would go around and share something about our day, whether it was good, bad or in between; we would take that time to reconnect as a family. This nightly ritual is where so many of my fondest memories are surrounded. Rainy nights full of studying make me miss those simple moments, especially being so far from home.

While all of those nightly talks around our table came flooding back to me tonight, I was inspired to make one of my family’s favorites, brupper. At our house, brupper consists of any combination of breakfast foods we love. Each time we make it the basis varies, sometimes my mom and I will make her famous french toast, or other nights we keep it simple with some variety of eggs and toast. Whenever I was feeling stressed with assignments and tests, my mom would always make brupper to help me get through those long, stressful nights. I love all things breakfast, so she knew there was no better meal to make in order to lift my spirits. The best part about brupper is that there are no rules! You can make whatever breakfast food tickles your fancy; you can be as crafty and creative as you would like. Tonight I decided to keep it simple with a delicious, yet simple turkey sausage scramble, perfect to help me power through my studies.

Now those of you unfamiliar to swapping breakfast for dinner, don’t worry! It’s an egg-cellent way to spice up your dinner.

Before you go. . .

What is one of your favorite meal-time memory with your family? Let me know in the comment box below.

What you’ll need

1-2 large eggs

1 lb. of ground turkey sausage

Salsa of your choosing



On a lightly greased skillet or pan, over medium heat, crack one to two large farm-fresh eggs. Using a spatula, break apart the egg. In a separate part of the skillet or in a separate pan, brown turkey sausage over medium heat until golden brown in color. When the egg is cooked to your liking, add in desired amount of cooked turkey sausage. Top with salsa and enjoy!

Tips and Tricks

As I always say, feel free to be creative! I like to add in grilled veggies such as tomatoes, asparagus and onions to my eggs as well. Get creative with toppings too; I recommend adding your favorite type of cheese and a dollop of sour cream too!


2 thoughts on “Egg-cellent breakfast for dinner swap

  1. Grace, this is precious. My family has lived in Illinois for six years so I can relate. I don’t like the midwest (I’m from Texas…) but I miss my family so so much. We do breakfast-for-dinner every Sunday night. This is too cute.


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