Go bananas for these chocolate-covered banana bites

Let’s get a little bananas. Thanksgiving break is a close four weeks away, and everyone’s getting a little antsy. We’re on the downhill from midterms, but now the tension is mounting as the threat of finals draws near. No one likes being stressed out, especially with Thanksgiving break just around the corner! If you’re feeling a little stressed, maybe slightly on the verge of a mental breakdown, there is nothing better to wash those stresses away than chocolate-covered banana bites.

It’s a proven fact that chocolate as well as bananas have natural stress reducing qualities. Who knew!? Well I’m not one to fight with science, so let’s embrace this wonderful news and turn it into something even more wonderful! My theory is that if you take two stress-reducing foods and combine them into one chocolate covered bite of deliciousness, it automatically doubles the stress reducing qualities. I’m no scientist, but that sounds like more than enough proof to indulge. . . and what’s science without a little experimentation?

I came up with the incredibly easy recipe just the other night while sitting my room, stressing over a research paper and craving something chocolaty. I looked around and noticed not only did I have a ton of dark chocolate, but I also had some bananas that were a prime ripeness. Instantly a light bulb went DING in my mind, and I realized I could melt the chocolate in my microwave, dip the bananas in the chocolate, and then let them harden in my freezer. Instant dorm-room dessert! I’m a genius, I know! Scroll down for the recipe and try it for yourself; you can thank me later.

Before you go. . .

Do you have any fun dorm room dessert/dinner innovations of your own? Share them with me in the comment box below.

What you’ll need

1 medium sized banana

6-10 pieces of unwrapped Dove dark chocolate

2 hefty tbsp. peanut butter (optional)

1 tbsp. butter

IMG_1553 2


In a microwave safe bowl, melt your chocolate, peanut butter and butter. It’s important to add the butter to help the chocolate melt without getting all funky and dried out. I advise microwaving for 15-20 seconds then stirring the mixture; if it still seems chunky microwave for another 10 seconds. Be careful not to over heat the chocolate because it will burn! (You don’t want that to happen; it smells and tastes gross!!) Once everything is melted, cut your banana into bite-sized pieces. Using a fork, dip the pieces into the chocolate and coat them. Once they’re all coated, place them on a plate or another bowl and put them in your freezer for about an hour or until the chocolate has hardened.

Tips & tricks

Don’t like bananas? Too bad! Just kidding; if you don’t like bananas feel free to use another fruit you enjoy, like strawberries or pineapple. Don’t have any fruit? No problem! There’s all kinds of things that go great dipped in chocolate. Don’t be afraid to get creative; you may just discover a fun new recipe of your own.



2 thoughts on “Go bananas for these chocolate-covered banana bites

  1. This is a great post! I like your witty sentences and interaction with the reader. I really love bananas and chocolate but haven’t ever tried them together! I might have to now that I have read your suggestion!


  2. Mmmmm! This sounds awesome 🙂 We do a lot with bananas in our room, too, because they are so readily available in our cafeteria! My favorite treat is a blended banana smoothie because it tastes like vanilla ice cream. We freeze a bunch of bananas and then blend 1-2 of them with a tablespoon or so of vanilla and a little milk. It’s awesome! We spice it up sometimes with cinnamon, granola, and peanut butter 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


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